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New York Times Standards

A recent correction ran in the NYT. Good stuff.

“An article “incorrectly described Claudius’s actions in Hamlet. Claudius married his brother’s wife, not his brother’s sister.” Not only did this rudimentary error occur in a story written by a man identified by the Times as an expert on Shakespeare — “his brother’s sister” would be his own sister.”

credit: Gregg Easterbrook



Everyone who knows me half-decent knows that I have a reverence for bears (and cats). The previous sentence does not make the next paragraph any more or less illuminating though.


A popular form of entertainment in 16th-century England. A bear was tied to a stake, and trained dogs were set upon it. Other variations included a bull tied to a stake and a pony with an ape tied to his back.

Thought this embarassing practice became antiquated long ago? Guess again!

p.25, The Know-It-All, Jacobs

Scooter Libby Wrote A Novel

When people hear the name Scooter Libby, they usually think of certian words. Valerie Plame. George Bush. Dick Cheney. Patsy. Scapegoat. Lawyer. Advisor. Little-DC-bitch-whose-sentence-got-commuted. But would one ever think…published novelist?

The Apprentice “has been described as “a thriller… that includes references to bestiality, pedophilia and rape.””

The novel, centered around a smallpox epidemic in a remote mountain inn in turn-of-the-century Japan, has one particularly fine passage, which features a combination of “zoophilia, pedophilia, prostitution, biastophilia, and voyeurism in just three sentences”

And good times were had by all. I now can only wonder what kind of sex life Libby has. Find out more fun stuff about The Apprentice here.