They were laying in bed.
She said how her dad had gotten into a fender bender,
but he was okay, and the car was fine,
and that she went swimming at the gym,
and then came home,
and waited for him to come home.
He breathed shallow,
eyes mostly closed.
He sat up and said he needed to go home.
And she laughed.
He got up and got dressed and slipped his beanie on,
and left their apartment.
Confused, she waited for him.
Twenty minutes later,
he came back, short of breath, panting.
He undressed and washed up in the bathroom.
Then came into their bedroom
He asked her how her day was, and what she did.
She repeated that her father had a minor car accident,
but he was fine.
And she went swimming at the gym.
He laid down next to her and told her,
a friend of his,
had gone swimming at the gym,
and then she got lost driving in the suburbs near her parents house
and drove mystified along yellow terraces,
making u-turn after u-turn,
until she came to Broadway.
And at the crosswalk were a parade of dwarfs,
and yellow cab duck cars,
shining happy sunshine rhythm through the trees.
And he turned and told her,
that she should meet his friend,
that they would like each other.
They have a lot of common.


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