Nine Recipes For Wedding Dresses

one tablespoon of extracted whey protein
ratty yoga mats
cellophane from a pack of Marb Lights
an unhealthy portion of insecurity
3 oz of apple cider vinegar

leave in the sun for three days

three ivory tusks
12 most recent bank account statements
hydrogen peroxide
rose wine
six-sleep in blues hidden in a key pocket
Louis Vuitton dreams
decade-old lint from a trumpet case

soak in chardonnay
freeze, chip away, weave

an empty pageant
unheard squabbles
1 cup of salted almonds
a plastic frame for a J.D. diploma
winter trembles
a cautioned distance
unheard squabbles
winter notes folded into fours from a Wisconsin winter


protracted allergies to penicillin and introspection
yearbook scoping in a snowy parking lot with a friend
thirteen drawn-out dawdled days on the ocean
receipts and ripped open envelopes from the cab
injured ego cast into tiger claw
a glass eye
fourteen-hundred-dollar weekly paychecks
swollen heart lifted downstream
seared tuna
wasabi peas

leave at room temp until curdled smell dominates room

a 1/2 cup of bay leaves
shifting crossed legs at the promotion
a nail file
books stacked to make a bed frame
three stars peeled from a childhood ceiling
a sly smile cast from the blonde whose bronze body moonlit
an old coat
the sound of rain in our meadow
or the sound of just after


the last thoughts before bed that disappear
jukebox sleeves
matchbook covers
2 teaspoons
disjointed pallored flakes from august shedding
the rumble and the light from the train
diagrams to save dying house plants
three used condoms
bookmarked page for a vacation package to Morocco
an anchored kiss
a joint lease to a condominium

tumble dry low, hang half-wet

a misdiagnosis of a bruised tailbone
an 89′ Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card
a stomach for four years of bad decisions
a Carhartt with shorter sleeves
a milk carton photo with passing resemblance
the rusted straight razor
the unused electric one, father’s last gift
green grapes grown a the undertakers trellis
shaking shoulders
fates mercy on a carrot string

walk fifteen blocks, leave in a friends car overnight

photos from a trip overseas with a sibling
tongue from a first love
three mint juleps and a hot toddy
underhanded looks from a stranger in the underpass
new promises as constant and forgotten as sunsets
2 cups of oats
3 quarts of sugar
a squeal and a pitch
a scrapbook ending at 19
socks with sandal imprints
a note written on a napkin from last night
hard to figure out:
like a snake making eye contact in tall grass
dusty glasses bought at a drug store counter

bake for 55 minutes at 410 degrees, let sit for 15 minutes

torn first page from a middle-age manifesto, never read
platform shoes
a handful of dried oregano
a pinch of expectation from mother,
directed the feet onto the ladder
a gift certificate to a salon
three goldfish
the boyfriend that always approaches the car on the left side
held thoughts the way you trap your breath underwater
heaving sweaty breath on Sunday nights at 8:45,
right before bed time.
fear mistook for contemplation
contemplation mistook for fear
phantom sounds from other days
a distant house that will always be home
roof beams raised high by paid strangers
the promise of a raise
the promise of cool, sweatless nights,
that amble on through commercials,
the promise of a floor
a missing ceiling

ferment for 3.5 years, check on it


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