A General Feeling

There is no such thing as a general feeling.

There are only movements

that push dust onto other dust.

When it got too calm, we went for a walk

and dined on the clinch of summer

and the rising tide of skin.

I heard a murmur and there wasn’t any wind.

I got a phone call.

She said she found out the other day

that she was allowed to say no to herself.

But, she would still only drink from mason jars

She would only tell a story if she hadn’t told it to anyone else.

She kept on talking as the pastel blues drifted in the dim sky.

A boy pushed a child in a stroller and another boy ran behind. 

The wind came through and it nipped at her scarf.

It nipped at my ankles. 

I saw Daniel take a picture of the eighteen year old kids who sat by the lake

with their weebly legs sticking out.

And I remember being that age.

I wonder if I had more figured out at that age,

is what she says to me. 

I wonder if I learned to just care less. 

Daniel walked past us and nodded and made his way back up the hill.

Things carried themselves quiet and loose.

The wind was gone again.

If there were such a thing as silent thunder.

I heard it then.

She looked at me, and crossed her legs

and she said something I would always remember.

It wasn’t this:

There is no such thing as a general feeling.


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