Ode to Nolan’s Jacket

You were a fine jacket!
An autumnal brown, a white Northface logo stitched onto, perhaps,
the left breast or the right breast!
I curtly asked if I could borrow you from Nolan, in his room,
as he explained
how to throw a four-seamer, a two-seamer,
a circle-change and a palm ball!
I was impressed, that your sleeves, were as long as my arms!
I am so sorry I lost you!
You were sucked mercilessly into the strangeness of night
between dozens of beers and shots, you slipped my view!
Or, alas, I slipped from my own view,
as I contemplated, tickling a homeless man,
as he slept peacefully in the courtyard we drank!
You were with me as we traversed those buildings!
Climbing trellises!
Cutting my arm, bruising my palm!
Feebly attempting to hoist myself upwards to the elevated ladder!
Hurling beers to our strange new friend!
I think I lost you when we started playing basketball!
And we all fell down!
You were left behind with my good sense!
I don’t know where you are!
Are you with that homeless man?
Are you keeping him warm?
Are you being used as a bathroom?
Or were you perhaps found by a good natured individual
taking a dog on a morning walk,
stumbling upon your beautiful body,
providing warmth, and a grand style!
It is a shame I knew you on my body for only one night!
And your charming owner, who expressed his very fondness for the jacket,
nigh hours before your fated departure!
Ah, brown Northface jacket, with the fancy straps on the sleeves!
Our time together was brief!
But I will never forget!
I will never forget!

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