Scooter Libby Wrote A Novel

When people hear the name Scooter Libby, they usually think of certian words. Valerie Plame. George Bush. Dick Cheney. Patsy. Scapegoat. Lawyer. Advisor. Little-DC-bitch-whose-sentence-got-commuted. But would one ever think…published novelist?

The Apprentice “has been described as “a thriller… that includes references to bestiality, pedophilia and rape.””

The novel, centered around a smallpox epidemic in a remote mountain inn in turn-of-the-century Japan, has one particularly fine passage, which features a combination of “zoophilia, pedophilia, prostitution, biastophilia, and voyeurism in just three sentences”

And good times were had by all. I now can only wonder what kind of sex life Libby has. Find out more fun stuff about The Apprentice here.


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