Working Titles for My Auto-Biography

Blood, Sweat and Diamonds

Confessions of a Mail-Tamperer

Defining an Era, Striving for a Definition: The Story of Scout Cigarettes

Partly Cloudy, With A Chance of Love: My Liaisons with Meteorologists

Born Into Brothels

Memoirs of a Human Trafficker

What God’s Semen Tastes Like

Obsession: How I Stalked Cameron Snyder

Snitch: How the Phillipino Cat-Toy Racketeering Ring Got Busted

Life on the Mendoza Line

The Gravedigger’s Bible

90 Days: When I Believed I Was A Ghost

I’m Only Vomiting Because I Just Took That Shit

Everyone Dies Alone

Scout Cigarettes: How A Brand That Tastes as Good As Burning Down Your Childhood Home Was Built

Gangrene: A Love Story

Armando Gutierrez: A Life in Pictures

When They Really Get to Know You, They Will Run

Scout Cigarettes: The Future, The Past, The Present, Combined.


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