I Wanna Grape With Somebody

This list was compiled over a few bottles of wine and one idea. To be fair, this isn’t for sensitive readers or the faint of heart.

A fancy sticker to anyone who can name every derived movie/band/book/tv show. Also, a million apologies.

Grapeless in Seattle

It Happened One Grape

Life According to Grape

The Curious Rape of Benjamin Button

The Children of The Rape



Tomb Raper

Enter the Grape

sex, lies and grapes

Curious Raper

Idle Rapes

Edward Graperhands

Edward Rapehands

The Hitchhikers Guide to Raping

The World According to Rape

Burn After Raping

No Country for Rape Men

There Will Be Rape

… And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Grapes

… And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Rapes

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Rapes

The Greatest Rape Ever Told

…As I Lay Graping

The Neverending Rape

Of Mice & Rape

The Rape House Rules

Buffy The Rapist Slayer

The Rapist-Sitters Club

Reality Rapers

Raping Mrs. Tingle

Rape Intentions

Cruel Intentions (To Rape)

Clarissa Rapes it All

Hey Rapist!

Rape Arnold!

Boy Meets Rape

Charlie And The Rape Factory

Charlotte’s Rape

Next Stop, Rapeland

James & The Giant Rape

To Rape A Mockingbird

While You Were Raping

When Harry Met Rape

I Know What You Raped Last Summer

You’ve Got Raped

Ten Things I Graped About You

Rape It To Beaver

The Things They Raped

Cloudly With A Chance of Rape

Where The Wild Things Rape


Rape of 1,000 Corpses

The Rape of the Mohican’s

The Rape Lmtd.

America’s Next Top Rapist

Rape My House

Jurassic Rape

Wallace & Rape

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Rape

Punch-Drunk Rape

Honey, I Raped The Kids

sex, lies and rape

The Neveraping Story

Rape of Arabia

Rape Over The River Kwai

Citizen Rape

The Color of Rape

Dawn of the Rape

The Sun Also Rapes

Old Rapey

The Iron Rape


Love in The Time of Rape

Love in The Time of Grapes

Divine Secrets of the Rape-Rape Sisterhood


The 40-Year-Old Rapist

I Am Rapist

Before Rape Falls

The Rape Candidate

Gentlemen Prefer Rapes

Dirty Raping

The Breakfast Rape

Tender is the Rape

Stand By Rape

Devendra Rapeheart

Rape It To The Bone

Rape Hard 2: Rape Harder

Night of The Living Rape

Nightmare Before Rape

When A Man Loves A Rape

The Good, The Bad and The Rapist

I, Rapebot

Rapeward Bound

Raping Arizona


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