Threads on the IMDB “Dogville” board that I read late last night

On occasion, I’ve been to cure my insomnia by reading asinine messages boards on IMDb on movies I like or the talkbacks AiCN for shows I’ve never seen. The amount of work that goes behind some of these posts calms me and brings me to a soothing rest like a child; it is comforting to know that I don’t waste my time arguing on the internet.

Here’s what I read last night, for the batshit movie “Dogville.”





“Why was Lauren Bacall cast as a townswoman?”

“paralells between grace and britney spears”

“I lost brain cells watching this film *spoilers*”

“An ode to Brechtian/Epic Theatre if I ever saw one”

“[Post Deleted]”

“What’s with the 10 mililons budget?”

“This movie isn’t about the USA. stop being so egocentric”

“What the word pedantic means”

“Old Testament God…New Testament God”

“awww grace, you coulda been my hero”

“This movie scarred me for life”

“what are the alligations?”

“They all deserved it, *spoilers*”

“She sure got raped a lot.”

“I fell asleep 30 minutes before the end, what happened?”


“I want my money back.”

That is all. Cheers!


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