The New American Criticism

griffey doesn’t suck, jack z doesn’t suck maybe made a poor long-term choice, beer doesn’t suck, wine kind of sucks, tequila rules, super mario all-stars rocks, the nfl still blows a bag of cocks, the nba doesn’t suck, the nba trade deadline doesn’t suck, tyson chandlers toe sucks, a-rod sucks, yankees suck, a-rod’s cousins check bounced, that sucks, michael chabon doesn’t suck, neil gaiman doesn’t suck, futurama “benders game” final 1/4 sucked but the rest definitely didn’t suck, laundry sucks, michael cera sucks, abc sucks, missing lost sucks, mickey rourke’s chihuahua sucks, eric holder rocks and that was YESTERDAY komo-4 that he said that, not today. obama is hot but so far as a president he sucks, the economy sucks, my job doesn’t suck, sonic nurse doesn’t suck, steve earle doesn’t suck, big country sucksl, kanye west definitely sucks, lil’ wayne sucks when he isn’t “performing.” burning your thumb with a blow-torch sucks, puncture wounds from lead pencils kind of sucks. the bachelors marketing team sucks, all television dramas (except lost assumedly,) suck. not having coffee sucks. bellevue sucks. nice hotel rooms on valentines day DOESN’T suck, pike place fish fry doesn’t suck, sean penn kind of sucks, emile hirsch rocks, drive-by-truckers suck, dead girls in the barracks at fort lewis is…alright? no wait it sucks. falling down the stairs sucks. lebron james and nate robinson rock. dirk nowitzki and ray allen suck. racquetball doesn’t suck.


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