saturday mornings

sometimes days come without an ending
you don’t sleep where you awoke
sometimes there’s a someday or a maybe
that comes to a life in the basement of your home

when they said this was the new year
did they mean time wouldn’t be indifferent anymore?
there ain’t no difference between what’s said on sunday morning
and what we hear on saturday morning cartoons
maybe there’s a wall up in heaven
that is keeping out all the bad things.

i hold a gun that shoots apologies
i saw the fire that breaks out at noon
the simplest things always get so complicated
why can’t the complications untangle with the moon.

maybe dreams are when shattered rocks turn into diamonds,
maybe coming home late is early, too soon.
maybe what  happened on a saturday morning,
is lost with the diamonds in the dune.

we can’t wish for things that have happened
thats why other grass is always green
maybe we’re trying to figure out if what happened
was really right with our memory of should have been.

we don’t dance in the morning,
we just pull up the sheets.
every room is so damn cold on a saturday morning,
and the newspaper doesn’t talk about my dream.


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