One More Try

Since we’ve started being friends,

Things between us just haven’t been the same.

We’d stay up late most nights,

Let it all roll over.

And lately,

I’ve tried to speak more clearly

And lately,

I haven’t been at my best.

But damn sure not my worst,

The in betweens make me burst.

And you’ve always been there,

As a shoulder and a voice,

You’ve always been there,

To be my blame of choice.

I would like

To be alone with you

I would like

To get the hell away from you.

Now they say

You broke my fall, and that’s right.

But I know,

You broke my back at the same time.

So I moved out to the edge of down

On a lonely busted road.

There were no outlets

No need to unplug the phone

And like I said, you’ve always been there,

Whether I liked it or not

And most nights I liked it,

But I can’t have what I want.

I would like

To lay down next to you.

I would like

To just forget all about you.

So we got back together

You moved your way into my space.

It was like old times,

Didn’t miss a beat or a trace.

Then one night we got wild and cut loose

Out on the field in the long grass

We shared a bottle and our feelings

Drank to old times, of empty cupboards and complaining

You said, we’d get through it,

And you, you always lie.

Patience is a game now, I’ll just give it one more try.

Then I took my fall in reverse,

What a tremor from a gentle step

The blades of grass bruised my lip

And I saw the games played before tonight,

Each memory was a signpost,

Every decision a denial,

Of what I became or become,

I’ll know at the next trial

All the good ones go out swinging,

Once in awhile.

The sun kicked up gravel,

And I got the hell out of town.

I would like to

Have never met you.

I would like to

Stand up next to you.


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