Speak to the Rushing Water

I never knew what to say.

I’d mumble greetings toward my feet,

Dad would nudge my shoulder, “Look them in the eye.”

Early summers, fishing out at the bay,

We’d catch and throw in silence, an enormous defeat,

And down below the plankton, they had something to say.

Where did time fly and leave me astray?

Each intersection was one I couldn’t meet,

Opportunities left knocking, like a blind man’s eye.

Go now rigid through the day,

Like music that doesn’t fit on a sheet,

That doesn’t sit well, born to say.

He and time passed, the good go away

He let out his mast and joined the fleet,

And the father reminded me, “A tooth for a tooth is an eye for an eye.”

I was never the type to ask if I may

And strangers, I could always greet,

But friends…the more they say,

The quicker they turn to thimbles in my eye.


2 thoughts on “Speak to the Rushing Water

  1. chekovsgun Post author

    There are supposed to be line breaks after every three lines and the last four are supposed to be their own, but Word press doesn’t understand a line break even in HTML. I don’t have enough time to figure it out right now.

    So re imagine it the way it should be…

    Sorry for the fail.

  2. mohammad

    i just want to say that i enjoyed reading this peom anf though my words won’t affect much ur effort but i would say keep it going that way, good luck


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